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One of the most positive experiences I have ever had! Dr. Tessa Hadlock and everyone on her staff was exceptional. I left feeling hopeful. She is brilliant, passionate about what she does, patient and kind. I feel confident in the care I will receive.

Felicia Frey

Welcoming staff. Beautiful office. Very professional. Dr Hadlock is warm and exudes confidence. She is compassionate and I immediately felt like I was in good hands. She was well prepared for my visit and we were extremely impressed with her knowledge.

Susan Hogan

I had my first visit with Dr. Hadlock this week and I couldn't have been more impressed. She and all her staff were wonderful. They listened to me, didn't rush through the appointment and were so very kind. I was thrilled with Dr. Hadlock's knowledge and experience. I will most definitely continue to see her.

Farra Shoffner

It was my first visit and everyone was super friendly. PA Julia was amazing explained everything from beginning and explained what to expect, what today steps were and what to expect and what to do next and when to come back. I am very please and expect a very good result. Between Dr Hadlock and Pa Julia Mellon I know I am in good hands. Thank you both!!

Ray Aleman

Dr. Hadlock is an extremely knowledgable and skilled professional who is also very caring and compassionate. The staff is super friendly and helpful and the office is beautiful. She is the best of the best and I highly recommend!

Cyndi Scalzo

Dr. Hadlock and her team are an amazing and compassionate team. I had a DAO resection today that went very well and painless.

Silvia P

the doctor is very human, professional, nice and treats with respect and empathy. the team is extraordinary. I highly recommend it and I saw love in every gesture. I really had an incredible experience.

ICE Rodrigues

Dr. Hadlock is the best of the best in facial nerve specialists. She has treated my facial palsy and nerve damage since an injury 10 years ago. She is realistic, honest, cautious and precise. Highest recommendations!

Tracey Bowen

Both Julia annd Dr Hadlock were attentive to my needs and are reassuring. I am an extremely happy with the services I received.

Rocia CarmagoRuiz

Fabulous experience. Wonderful staff, skilled surgeon whose low key style kept me calm. Beautiful office. I highly recommend.

Andrea Masterman

I am very pleased with my visit. It was very informative and all my questions were answered. Hoping this treatment will improve my Bell’s palsy it has been a long time and praying this is going to help. Thank you

Linda Merritt

Thanks for taking care my wife Daniela Ricardo from Thebesinsulation Fabio’s and Claudia friends

The Best Insulation Corp

She is the best!!!!!

Kelli Rutledge

Dr. Hadlock and her team are amazing! I had suffered facial paralysis from Ramsay Hunt Syndrome for several years. Prior to undergoing this procedure, I felt very self-conscious about being photographed and meeting new people. Dr. Hadlock was able to restore my smile and renew my confidence. She and her team of assistants, Carly and Lizzy, made me feel very comfortable prior to and throughout the procedure. Dr. Hadlock is a gifted and empathetic professional and I am truly fortunate to be her patient.

Christine Escandon

I began seeing Dr. Hadlock over a year ago for treatment of facial paralysis caused by RHS. The disorder while rare, is one that Dr. Hadlock knows well and treats with a high level of knowledge, expertise, and empathy. During my initial tearful consultation via telehealth, it was immediately clear that this provider fully understood not only the physical impact of my facial paralysis but equally as important, the emotional component as well. She explained my condition in such a way that I could understand, including facial anatomy and function, all with the use of excellent diagrams. She acknowledged my sadness, supported my concerns and immediately made a plan. She described her concerns for my blinkless eye and immediately scheduled a procedure for the very next day. During the procedure, I was again impressed with Dr. Hadlock's professionalism, expertise and the reassurance, respect and kindness with which she treated me. At my follow-up visit, we spoke at length about other areas of my paralysis that she had experience treating, and again, a plan was made. I have since had 3 additional procedures with her and am scheduled for another in a few months. Each procedure has improved my facial appearance, function and equally as important, my confidence. At each visit, Dr. Hadlock takes the time to listen, answer all of my questions and involves me in the plan of care. There is not a day that passes that I do not feel blessed and grateful for the amazing care that I receive from Dr. Hadlock. She has restored my faith in the belief that the devastating impact of RHS can be managed and that I can feel whole again. She has proven that providers can run a full and busy practice, but choose to make the time to reassure a patient who feels broken, hopeless and helpless.

drew lench

Dr. Hadlock is a highly efficient surgeon with incredibly skilled and sensitive hands. She explains what is necessary and her team provides the backup for a complete explanation, questions answered. She ensures patient comfort throughout procedures, pausing in her work, if necessary.

M Swaim

Dr. Hadlock, Mara Robinson and their teams, and everyone at Mass Eye and Ear, exude competence and professionalism. Everything from the records team providing the right documents within a day after I requested them, to the office staff helping me obtain required referrals, truly impressed me. And Dr. Hadlock herself provided expert care while keeping me relaxed during my procedure. Highly recommend for anyone who needs this type of consult and care.

Maribeth D

Dr. Hadlock changed our 16-year-old daughter's life with the surgery she performed to get her smile back. She had right-side facial paralysis from a brain tumor. From the first phone call I made, we have had had nothing but a positive experience with everyone at MEEI (Julie is fantastic; Kerry the PA is amazing at answering emails in a short timeframe!). We canceled our other consultations after meeting with Dr. Hadlock as our daughter wasn't interested in seeing anyone else. Dr. Hadlock's experience in this field and confidence makes her the best. I've read she doesn't give up and I believe it. It has been only five months since the surgery and she is already showing some fantastic results because of what Dr. Hadlock and her surgical team did. It is absolutely overwhelming and frankly, miraculous, what has been achieved. We will be eternally grateful for what she did for our daughter and encourage anyone suffering with facial paralysis to be treated by Dr. Hadlock. We travel a far distance to get to MEEI but it has been worth every penny to see what Dr. Hadlock has done for our daughter. Our daughter transformed from hopelessness to feeling hopeful because of this surgery. Dr. Hadlock and team is one of the reasons why MEEI is ranked the best specialty hospital in the country.

M Huff

Dr. Hadlock performed surgery in February 2017 to partially restore facial function after my facial nerve was partially removed. She is a talented and compassionate physician and I could not be more pleased with her, her team or the results.


We cannot thank Dr. Hadlock and her team enough! She has worked miracles for our child, and has given her a life we never thought possible. Dr. Hadlock is on the cutting edge of facial nerve reanimation, a leader, and an inspiration! Her genuine care and support throughout the entire process is exceptional! And we are so grateful she exists and pursued this journey in life!

Lepa Modie

I have been a patient of Dr Hadlock for 11 years, after a sudden surgical case of facial palsy . I came to the clinic after my daughter searched for help and we found it!! I was in emotional shock , physically altered and felt hopeless. From day one she and her team have consistently cared for me with various modes of care. Most of my care has been non surgical since for me that would not have been wise... this team views each patient for what the best course will be.... supports the disappointment when a quick fix may not be in the plan. Dr Hadlock listens, allows the tears and each member of her team has also been there for each question, concerns. I do not know where I would be without Dr Hadlock and the facial nerve team and so grateful for MEEI for having this in place. As a RN I am very aware of patient safety and caring and she is without a doubt a strong and caring physician!

Suzanne Nevins

Dr. Hadlock has been my doctor for over 20 years and she’s always been there for me whenever I need a new procedure. Just recently had a DAO resection and I can’t wait to see the final results. Would be very nice to be able to smile big again. I’m glad to have her as my doctor. Thank you, Cristina

Lau P

Dr. Tessa Hadlock is the most authentic example of a personal validation of when a person takes their God given talents and uses them to help others in critical need. I was diagnosed with a rare salivary gland cancer on my facial nerve which resulted in significant facial paralysis. The combination of Dr. Hadlock's expertise to quickly detect the issue and then use her proven experience and incredible network of multidisciplinary experts to correct the issue is resulting in a very positive outcome. Watching a professional dedicate their passion and skills to helping others is the truest form of Servant Leadership and MEEI is so lucky to have her - and so am I!

Robert Cancalosi

My mother had a serious facial shwanoma with complete right side facial paralysis was operated by Dr Hadlock, it was a very tricky surgery, which included 5 to 7 (Masseter to Facial Nerve Transfer) besides shwanoma resection and nerve graft. My mother now regained a partial facial movement, facial tone and improved symmetry compared to pre-surgery period. Now my mother continues her daily therapy to further improve facial function. Dr Hadlock also performed eye-lid surgery to ensure complete eye closure and eye preservation. Excellent and very experienced doctor, rare find.

Dmitriy Peregudov

I was sent to Boston Mass to see a Specialist. At the end of this opt, Dr. Hadlock gave Me hope for all of My issue(s). Dr. Hadlock is of the Finest and most Professional Physicians that any patient could Hope for. I can only state that if you are referred to Dr. Hadlock, that you make an opt immediately. You will never meet another specialist like Dr. Hadlock

L Smith

I’ve been seen by Doctor Hadlock for countless surgeries for my facial paralysis over the last 10 years. I wish I could show you a before and after picture but it’s nothing short of s miracle. She knows just exactly what she’s doing. Now I don’t even ask her any questions because whatever she chooses to do next always comes out perfect. . Her staff is top notch. It may be a year or more but they remember me in the phone. Her PA and her nurses are the best. I always feel confident with her and I certainly am more attractive too. People treat me better now and I’m happy with the end results.

Julia Reynolds

I have lived with facial paralysis my entire life with many doctors calling it "Bells Palsy". When I was with my husband tending to his Bells Palsy Dr Hadlock noticed my "Facial Paralysis" and said she could help me as well. She has helped me and my husband- we love her knowledge and enthusiasm for helping people and her staff is amazing.

Jackie Avery

The quality of care, the empathy of all staff members and the level if professionalism is experienced in every visit, every email exchange, every phone call, etc. Dr. Hadlock and her staff provide amazing care. You are never a number here, you are cared about and taken care of! I found answers with Dr. Hadlock that no one in my entire state could provide!

Carol Hafford

I am an international patient of Dr. Hadlock. She is the expert to see if you experience any facial nerve problems. I feel lucky to be treated by her. Highly recommended!

Ilan Livne

Dr. Hadlock and her team are very professional. Amazing customer service!! Dr. Hadlock is brilliant, direct, and will spend the time to make sure you are on the right clinical path to wellness. Thank you for a great experience!

Hannah Tomlinson

Dr. Hadlock is always friendly and professional, which exudes a confidence that then spills into the patient’s experience in calming fashion.


Dr. Hadlock and her entire team are knowledgable, professional, compassionate, comprehensive--true experts in the field.

Alli Zak

Had an awesome experience with Dr Hadlock and can’t wait to see her next for my step to help me. Thank you.

Stacil Yonan

Dr. Hadlock is very nice, and she explained my options; and thoroughly explained my procedure.

Kathryne Gayle

Dr. Hadlock is a genius!

Kelli Price

Just saw a success work by Dr Hadlock on Israeli TV BRAVO !

Avi Haller

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